About Disaster Strikes

Disaster Strikes is: 
Mike - Drums 
Joe - Bass 
Josh - Guitar 
J.R. - Vocals

Disaster Strikes is a political hardcore punk band from Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Our music and message are unapologetically political. We exist as a band to do our part in the fight against corporate greed by promoting workers' rights and social justice. We aim to put our words into action by partnering with a range of local and national radical and progressive groups to promote labor solidarity and social justice principles within the underground music scene, and beyond. 

Disaster Strikes has completed numerous tours of the U.S.A and Canada, having shared the stage with Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, D.O.A., The Melvins, Propagandhi, Conflict, Negative Approach, Naked Aggression, Reagan Youth, Agnostic Front, The Suicide Machines, Dropdead, Today is the Day, Urban Waste, The Unseen, The Pinkerton Thugs, Zounds, Fucked Up, Boy Sets Fire, and many more. 

As corporations tighten their grip even further on our planet, our labor, our electoral processes, and our mental environment, the Supreme Court of the United States, ALEC, and an army of right wing "corporate supremacists" have ushered us into a new age -- the age of corporate personhood. 

'In the Age of Corporate Personhood' is the latest full-length album from Disaster Strikes. It is out now on digital, vinyl, cassette, and compact disc from Alternative Tentacles Records.


What some zines say:

“I was hooked from the first song. Awesome, catchy hardcore with a mixture of heavy and melodic parts, this record reminds me a lot of recent Propagandhi... Lyrics deal with corporate power, blind patriotism, and consumerism, all from a left perspective. One of the best releases on Alternative Tentacles..." - MAXIMUM ROCK 'N ROLL  

"Cross MDC with bands like Aus Rotten, React, and The Pist. Disaster Strikes crank out politically minded hardcore that draws from a variety of styles of the genre, from dual vocal delivery, Dead Kennedys-esque instrumentation on some songs, to Rollins style spoken/vocal delivery."  - RAZORCAKE