Disaster Strikes: “The Fighting Path” (Punknews Exclusive)

Thanks to the kind folks at PunkNews.org who premiered "The Fighting Path" video this week -- and to all our friends from Boston and to La Armada for being part of this shoot. Here's the PunkNews.org write-up: https://www.punknews.org/article/61154/disaster-strikes-the-fighting-path-punknews-exclusive

According to PunkNews: "The Fighting Path" is 156 seconds of killer, modern hardcore punk. The band alternates between three-chord sprinting and a low, heavy, ambient rumble while they declare their allegiance to resistance. Also, this video is really freaky. There are people in gas masks, a Pope wearing a porcelain face, and, people getting dragged away into the dark and… oh man… this is nightmare stuff, people.

You can also check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDYrKyNYbKQ