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In the Age of Corporate Personhood 

At last! Our new full length album "In the Age of Corporate Personhood" is now available on CD, cassette, for immediate download, and for vinyl pre-order (vinyl ships 11/15/2016). We are honored to be releasing this album on Alternative Tentacles Records and we are thankful to all of our co-conspirators who made the album possible. The struggles for workers rights, social justice, environmental justice, and to ensure basic civil rights and dignity for ALL are fundamentally connected. We must continue to build momentum and solidarity across these fights now -- or it will soon be too late. Together, we are waging these struggles against the backdrop of a new era in which the "rights" of powerful corporate interests are increasingly placed above basic human rights across all branches of the U.S. government and by governments across the world. We are all living in the age of corporate personhood.

From "These ten new blistering tracks encapsulate the raw energy and intensity of their live sets. The opening track, "The Fighting Path" is fermented with protest and resistance from its violent start to its incendiary final warning. The title track In the Age of Corporate Personhood features guest vocals by label czar and legendary punk provocateur Jello Biafra. Featuring epic cover art by Minneapolis-based artist Bill Hauser, In The Age of Corporate Personhood, is the blue-collar hard core juggernaut that captures an intensity rarely grasped by studio albums."

Disaster Strikes: “The Fighting Path” (Punknews Exclusive) 

Thanks to the kind folks at who premiered "The Fighting Path" video this week -- and to all our friends from Boston and to La Armada for being part of this shoot. Here's the write-up:

According to PunkNews: "The Fighting Path" is 156 seconds of killer, modern hardcore punk. The band alternates between three-chord sprinting and a low, heavy, ambient rumble while they declare their allegiance to resistance. Also, this video is really freaky. There are people in gas masks, a Pope wearing a porcelain face, and, people getting dragged away into the dark and… oh man… this is nightmare stuff, people.

You can also check out the video here: